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The experience of choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) for online classes - the experience of the ProITivity school

In October 2023, we launched our first online course on Data Analytics. One of the essential issues in the preparatory phase of our course was the definition of the LMS (Learning Management System) platform for interaction with our students. We understood that choosing a platform is one of the most important factors for providing quality education in an online format. In view of this, we conducted a mini-analysis of schools that operate in the market of Kazakhstan and came to the conclusion that most online schools use services such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams and even Skype for video lectures, and Google Classroom is mainly used to place educational material. We collected this data from the official website of the Astana Hub of the Tech Horde program.

We were not satisfied with the combination of several services, and we were looking for everything in one. Also, an important criterion was for the platform to analyze student lecture visits, show the time of students' stay, their activity and engagement (live questions, comments, turning on/off the webcam) during lectures, as this greatly affects the quality of assimilation of the material. In addition, customization and technical support were important to us. As a result, we settled on the Mersys LMS Campus product. Mersys was founded in 2018 in the United States. The company has created the Campus platform, a cloud-based learning management system providing services for educators, students and administrators. Also, Mersys is a resident of Astana Hub, which inspired confidence when choosing a platform. 

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