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Oraclus - Crypto Market Data Scanner and Analytics

Oraclus is a blockchain data analytics platform that can provide information in different blockchains and tokens. The information is available on our website:  

  • Support 30+ blockchains; 
  • Crypto addresses labels;
  • Ranks of crypto holders (Whales, Sharks, Shrimps, etc);
  • Cryptocurrency Inflow & Outflow on Exchanges; 
  • Wallet Analytics;
  • API Integration;
  • Notifications for events (Custom Reports, Whale alerts); 
  • Watchlist for crypto addresses.

Our goal is to provide crypto investors and traders with advanced cryptanalytic tools. We strive to provide our users with the necessary knowledge to make informed and profitable investment decisions. At the moment all the tools are free and available on our website:

Initially, there were many difficulties in our way that all startups in the field of Web 3.0 development face. For example, in a year, as a team, we released and killed 3 full-fledged products. This meant that we fully invested in the development and subsequent implementation and went through such stages of the product launch cycle as finding an idea, developing, launching, testing, and analyzing. All this was done to understand that the things that we considered unique in the cryptocurrency market, it turns out, actually have no demand among our users. 

Nevertheless, this experience allowed us to improve our approach and as a result, we launched a pilot project on label addresses for the largest cryptocurrency exchange Despite the failed projects, Oraclus continues its development and improvement in the field of blockchain analytics, and as a team, we intend to further develop the Web 3.0 sphere and continue to develop new products.

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Спасибо за полезный линк, учитывая что сейчас bull market как раз в крипте)