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Opening of a new programming school in the city of Kokshetau

The doors of the new IT school "Juniors Tech Academy" in Kokshetau will open for students this summer. At the moment, we are participating in the selection of schools under the funding program for the training of IT specialists - Tech Orda. 

This school, Juniors Tech Academy, will implement training specifically in the technical field, such as architecture and software administration, including product management, architecture and administration of network systems, architecture and design of solutions in the field of the Internet of Things, that is, we will train techies, so to speak.

During the first 2 years of participation in the Technopark, training courses in the field of system administration and the Internet of things will be implemented. We also plan to open courses outside the Tech Orda program for the training and advanced training of employees of organizations in the technical field announced earlier.

For the first year of participation in the Tech Orda program, an offline course "System Administration" has been prepared for a duration of 6 months, during which students will fully master the specialty of a System administrator for their further employment. The school has a modern material and technical base for the implementation of student education.

To get to us for training, applicants will need to apply on the official portal having found our course on the showcase of IT schools, you can also take a small test from the school and an interview with the course teacher.

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