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Review of the UI/UX Design course of the Tech Orda program

Good afternoon, my name is Danela, I am 19 years old, and I am a third-year student at the university. My long search journey has finally led me to a passion – UX/UI design. In order to achieve high qualifications in this field, I needed a mentor and a high-quality educational program. Although a large number of courses are provided on the market, most of them require a decent financial base.

The TechOrda program turned out to be my salvation. Created with the aim of supporting and developing talented technical specialists, it provided me with the opportunity I dreamed of. My first contact with the program was through social media, and at the beginning there were fears that my efforts would be in vain. However, having decided to take the risk, I now have a grant and an excellent prospect.

The initial moment was a challenge – I didn't have a resume. But after collecting all my work, I created my first professional document.

Among the large selection of schools that TechOrda provided, I chose the most suitable option for me and sent an application to the Extra Academy.

The selection process included an assessment of my technical skills, experience and potential. The program is designed for those who are ready to contribute to the development of technology. Getting a study grant was a unique opportunity for me. I have access to high-quality materials, interesting webinars and practical classes.

Our community of aspiring designers and experienced curators is a real gem. At the moment, I have my own project, which will undoubtedly decorate my portfolio. The grant I received was a bright starting impulse for my professional growth, and I am sure that great prospects open up before me.

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