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Ozim Platform holds Digital Public Goods status

Dear colleagues, 

We are pleased to announce that Ozim Platform has received the prestigious status of "Digital Public Goods" (digital public goods). This official recognition confirms the outstanding significance and contribution of the project to the development and support of digital public goods around the world.

What is Digital Public Goods? These are software products, resources, data and knowledge that are freely available to society and contribute to the growth and well-being of all citizens. Projects that receive the status of Digital Public Goods are characterized by a high degree of openness, accessibility and impact on various spheres of life, including education, healthcare, information security, sustainable development, and many others.

What does this give the Ozim Platform project? Initially, this status recognizes the uniqueness and significance of the Ozim Platform as a digital public good that can have a positive impact on the global community. It is important to note that the Ozim Platform is freely available, which ensures accessibility and equal use opportunities for all users regardless of their location, income level or status.

In addition, the status of Digital Public Goods opens up new opportunities for Ozim Platform in the field of financing and development. The project can receive support from international organizations, governments, foundations and attract investors interested in developing technological solutions that contribute to public well-being.

We would like to thank our entire development team, partners, and user community for their contributions and support that made this recognition possible. Our goal remains unchanged - to continue to develop and improve the Ozim Platform, making it even more accessible, innovative and useful for all users.

The future looks promising, and we are ready to cooperate with a variety of partners to continue to make positive changes in our society and the world as a whole.

Ozim Platform game changer in the field of Edtech and Socialtech, which helps parents of children (0-7 years old) to improve their parenting experience through expert assistance in parenting and child care. The frightening growth in the number of children with developmental delays has led us to solve a number of tasks for parents: this is a tool for tracking development, video recommendations from the best experts in the field of early development and intervention, gamification to motivate and purchase goods and services at the expense of points, a community of parents, a database of service providers, scientific articles in English and many more useful suggestions for parents.

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