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The first month of study at Big Dream Lab School

On October 30, training for new students under the TechOrda 2023-2024 program officially began at our Big Dream Lab School. Of the 1,541 participants in the three—stage competitive selection, 97 students joined the second stream of the program, of which 77 are TechOrda grant holders, and 20 are holders of internal grants from the school.

Big Dream Lab School provides high-quality training in three areas: Unity 3D, Product Management, and UX/UI Design. It is worth noting that this year the student body of our school turned out to be really diverse. We offer you to briefly get acquainted with our groups.

Unity Group - studying and mastering the technology of creating games and interactive applications using the powerful Unity engine.

  • The ratio of boys to girls is 56:44
  • Average age 24.81
  • Youngest student: 18, oldest: 35
  • 17 full-time working people (including architect, backend and full-stack developers, Spotify artist, bank employee, illustrator, and even a surgeon!)
  • 17 students (including a doctoral student) 

Product Management Group - training in product lifecycle management, starting from its concept and development and ending with market launch, marketing, support and subsequent product development.

  • The ratio of girls to boys is 58:42
  • Average age 24.32
  • Youngest student: 19, oldest: 40
  • 17 full-time working people (including a business analyst, a bank employee, a college teacher, the founder of an English language school, a design designer)
  • 14 students (including two master's degree students)

UX/UI Design Group - comprehensive training in deep knowledge and skills in the field of user experience and user interface design.

  • The ratio of girls to boys is 64:36
  • Average age 26.27
  • Youngest student: 18, oldest: 41
  • 22 full-time working people and girls on maternity leave (including architect-builder, fashion designer, research institute employee, Scrum master, accountant, Youtube blogger)
  • 11 students

During the first 4 weeks of training, our students did an excellent job. So, the students of the UX/UI Design course have already mastered the basic tools for working in Figma, got acquainted with what landing pages, autolayout and components are, and also covered such fundamental topics as typography, coloristics, and the 8 point grid system. 

Students of the Product Management course, in turn, analyzed the main processes of product creation and studied such important topics as market analysis and segmentation, assessment of its volume, and competitive analysis. It is worth noting that some students came to the course with a ready-made idea of their own pet project, which they actively develop through practical assignments and visiting office hours with teachers.

Students of the Unity course are also not far behind: they learned how to work with the Asset Store of the engine being studied, use the Animator and github, and also covered the basics of working with the Unity UI and programming in C#. 

Big Dream Lab School is committed to providing its students with quality knowledge and technical skills. To do this, we closely monitor students' satisfaction with our classes and constantly take measures to create the best learning conditions for them. 

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