Following in the footsteps of data: the transformation of Elaman Serik's career from teaching to data analysis

In today's world, many people are considering moving into a new career, and data analysis has become one of the most attractive areas. This is especially true for people who already have experience in other fields and want to move into the dynamically developing field of data analysis. The story we want to share today is exactly like this.


The story of a career change is not uncommon nowadays, one of such striking examples is Elaman, a data analyst at Yessen & A company that has successfully transitioned from teaching mathematics to data analytics. Let's start from the beginning to understand the uniqueness of his path.


Already in his school years, he noticed his craving for numbers and analysis, which only strengthened over time. After graduating from the School of Mathematics at Nazarbayev University, Elaman began his professional career in the world of education, devoting himself to teaching. As a result, he became the deputy director of Development at his school. He managed complex projects that required the use of analytical skills.


"Every year, while doing education, I gradually moved from the role of a math teacher to managerial tasks that require data analysis," he says. "In the process of working, I realized that the skills I need for these tasks are related not only to technical aspects, but also to soft skills, which are also in demand in data analytics. My interest in this field did not weaken, but grew over time, so I decided that it was time to change the field of activity."


His foundation in mathematics proved to be an invaluable resource in the transition to the field of data analytics. Elaman graduated from the School of Mathematics at Nazarbayev University, which gave him a solid foundation for mastering a new field. "I've heard about the tools used in data analytics, but I've never put them into practice," he notes.


Despite the lack of in-depth knowledge in this area before the transition, he did not back down and began to acquire the necessary skills through educational programs. Thanks to a grant from the Astana Hub Technology Park through OutPeer, Elaman mastered the basics of data analysis and gained confidence for further development in this area.


The transition to the field of data analysis has also led to the discovery of new ways to apply previous experience. "My experience in teaching came in handy, because every teacher should be able to explain complex topics in simple language so that students understand them," he says. "I became a kind of guide in their training. This skill was useful to me both in interacting with colleagues with whom I shared my experience, and in working with clients."

Today, as a data analyst at Yessen & Company", Elaman successfully applies the skills acquired throughout his professional career. He actively uses his teaching skills to structure information and facilitate the understanding of data by clients. His mathematical background helps him in process automation and data analysis.


Looking to the future, Elaman sees his development in the field of data analysis. He strives to become an experienced professional capable of contributing to the development of business and the economy of Kazakhstan. At the same time, he does not forget about his first profession, and strives to contribute to the educational system of Kazakhstan. "I have certain views and ideas on how to integrate data analysis and business intelligence into the education system of Kazakhstan. I understand that first I need to dive into this area myself, understand how everything works and what tools are available, and then try to apply them in the education system of Kazakhstan to raise its level," he shares his plans for the future.


Elaman Serik, Data Analyst at Yessen & Company", has passed an extraordinary path in his professional life. Perhaps this is the case when incredible passion and determination go beyond the traditional framework of career growth, shedding light on a completely new trajectory. This unique transition from education to data analysis highlights the fact that re-profiling and career change is not just a job change, but also an opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to solve new problems. You can always go your own way, no matter where you started, and become who you always wanted to be.


Azat Yessenov, founder and CEO of Yessen & Co, is convinced that everyone has a huge potential. Constantly investing his time and efforts in the development of talents, he hopes to open up new opportunities for Kazakhstanis. Azat, in addition to his leadership duties, also teaches at, leading courses on data analysis.

"Elaman was one of the students in my course and I immediately noticed his level of enthusiasm, understanding of the material and activity in participation," recalls Azat Yessenov. "It was his distinctive qualities and potential that he demonstrated during training that made me pay attention to him as a potential employee of my team."


During his stay at the company, Elaman actively used his accumulated knowledge and experience. Azat believes that it is important not to give up your past experience when moving to a new field. "Your experience, which you have been accumulating for years, is your competitive advantage. Instead of forgetting it, use it as a foundation for developing new skills, such as data analysis," he advises.


Elaman successfully applied this strategy, and his contribution to the company turned out to be tangible. "He implemented the Lean Six Sigma process, which allowed us to optimize our internal processes and was a direct result of his skills in data analysis," says Azat Yessenov. "Elaman has turned not just into a valuable specialist, but also into an excellent engineer, a real technical expert."


According to Azat, Elaman's story can serve as an example for many students within TechOrda. "Elaman's successes speak for themselves. I wish everyone the same victories and personal success," he concludes.

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