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Post from 03.12.2023

In November, we launched two online courses on the Tech Orda program: Agile Product Management and Web Development. In a short period of time, students managed to get to know each other, get acquainted with the training program, with the schedule. Students have mastered the tools that are used in the learning process, have begun to immerse themselves in the provided educational material, and are actively moving forward in the course program. At the same time, in November, a meeting was held with blogger Alexey Lodochnikov (Astana Hub). Several short interviews were recorded with Azat Turarov, a representative of the school, where he talked about his experience, school, areas of study, and shared his long-term plans. The blogger also recorded an interview with Arman Abrashev, a student at the school, where he talked about his personal experience of participating in the Tech Orda program and studying for the Agile product management course.

The school develops, improves and supplements course materials. Improves the experience of interacting with students, optimizes the process of involving students online. The school constantly maintains feedback with students, takes into account all wishes for improving the course programs. The school plans to develop and launch new areas such as Business Analysis and Data Analytics.

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