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The reason for my turn to the IT industry was a subtle soul.

Since my senior year, I have been interested in this IT field. But writing code algorithms made it difficult for me, and I first noticed on the social network that there is a design direction in the IT field. Olga Chernova, a girl from a simple background, is currently traveling the world thanks to her profession. Olga Chernova is a specialist in her field and is a clear proof that in the modern world even young people can achieve a lot in this field, opening her own online school, raising students, a girl who travels the world, proved that it is possible to master this field without writing code.  Since then, I have been fully engaged in this field, which I also do not like to write code) since the full search for UX/UI, I have been studying on my own in video lessons, I have participated in a grant organized by Astana Hub and ITeahme, and I have won a grant!thanks to this, another opportunity to further master this field, the training was at the highest level! And I want to continue to develop this field, I know that I still have a lot to learn. I hope that the most important thing is that the fair sex will also be able to gain positive results in this IT field! 

At this point, I would like to congratulate all the beauties on March 8.

Dear beauties! I sincerely congratulate you on your original holiday today and wish you health, beauty, happiness, joy! For those who always adorn this life, radiate warmth, radiate kindness, radiate warmth, do not forget that you are always respected, loved and respected, this world is empty without you!

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