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Welcome! We are an IT company ChatApp.

We introduce digital tools for the convenience of doing business: we make communication between business and customers instant, efficient and uninterrupted.

How is this implemented in practice?

ChatApp is a cloud–based contact center with products that provide a set of solutions for business automation.

Using ChatApp, you can integrate popular messengers into CRM systems. Correspondence with clients is connected in a single window, and you do not need to type text on your phone with one hand and enter the transaction into the system with the other. 

If necessary, messages can be sent and received to clients before CRM is enabled. In this case, all conversations from messengers and social networks are combined into a single ChatApp Dialog window.

ChatApp will help you out when you need to quickly find a typical answer and not miss a client. Template messages will become a faithful assistant.

In addition, we have created a smart bot that "lives" in messengers and performs various tasks for you. Correspondence with such a bot is practically no different from communicating with a real person.

Read more about the company and products on the official website at the link:

The idea to create such a service arose from our founder and head, Vladimir Alexandrovich Kirdyashev, in 2020. Each employee has been trained, tested ChatApp products, studied them from beginning to end in order to become part of the team. And today there are more than 60 people in it.

We are open to cooperation and offer an affiliate program with which you can feel like a character in the game: complete tasks and level up. The higher the level, the more cashback and %. 

Follow the link / to find out what benefits the partners receive.Here you can get acquainted with the list of integrators and choose the right one: .

Among the ChatApp company's cases are:

  • revenue increase by 37% due to customer segmentation and mailing lists in the WhatsApp Business API;
  • automation of conferences using robots and Bitrix24 conferences;
  • cost reduction by 3 times due to the replacement of phone calls with WhatsApp correspondence.

Automation of business processes allows you to save time and pay more attention to the quality of service. In addition, the competitive advantage of any business is constant communication with customers.

We will help you install it and lead your business to success!

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Отличный кейс! Использую ЧатАПП внутри своей компании в связке с Битрикс24. Очень удобно коммуницировать с клиентами, особенно по каналу WhatsApp. Рекомендую!