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ChatApp products for your business.

The ChatApp cloud contact center helps to save time in correspondence with clients and makes communication more effective.


The ChatApp CRM integration product allows you to connect WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Avito, Vkontakte messengers and Instagram, banned in the territory of the Russian Federation, to CRM systems. Online channels integrate with Bitrix24, amoCRM, YClients and Altegio, where you use the tools of your familiar CRM system to process conversations.

And if I want to communicate with clients not from the CRM system?

There is a ChatApp Dialog for such cases. This service combines communication with customers from different messengers, social networks and CRM in one window. Respond to customers in a single interface, mark dialogs, select the access level of employees and assign responsible ones. ChatApp Dialog is an independent application, which means there are no integrations.  

An additional feature that will make the customer service better is employee performance analytics. With her you will see:

  • how many open/closed and unanswered dialogues are there;
  • how long has the employee been working with the dialog;
  • what kind of rating do clients give him?

Another application, ChatApp Assistant, will save you when you need to quickly find a typical answer in the workplace. With the Quick Response Window, templates of prepared messages are now always at hand.

I'm used to working with a bot, do you have that?

There is. The ChatApp Bot Builder embodies ready-made dialog scripts. You create a bot that reacts to new messages, collects information about a potential client and performs mailing lists. 

We are friends with artificial intelligence, so we added AI to the Assistant and ChatApp Bot Builder. Connect ChatGPT and automate communication.

With ChatApp products, you will be in constant contact with customers. 

Any other questions? – follow the link to the site, leave a request for feedback and get advice from specialists. 

The official website is at the link.

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