Programmatic promotion of the Climate Expert brand on the BYYD platform

When it comes to promoting ventilation and air conditioning systems, precise targeting of the target audience plays a crucial role. This approach enables reaching people actively interested in such products, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Based on this strategy, the brand "Climate Expert" decided to utilize mobile advertising tools, distinguished by precise targeting and optimization. Let's delve into the details of this campaign.


  • Increase brand recognition
  • Attract targeted traffic to the website


  • Video
  • Targeting based on socio-demographic traits and interests

Geo: Uzbekistan


Targeted advertising ensures precise targeting of specific audience groups, considering their interests, demographics, and behavioral traits. This helps enhance advertising effectiveness, optimize ad spending, and create more personalized and appealing content for the audience.

In this case, socio-demographic targeting was employed, targeting men aged 20 to 50 with above-average income interested in home repairs, real estate, and property acquisition.

We opted for video format advertising as it effectively captures the audience's attention, conveys product or brand information clearly and emotionally, and demonstrates high audience engagement and goal achievements.


The advertising campaign consisted of three flights:

  • In the first flight, we exceeded the display plan by an impressive 25.52%, clicks by 36.74%, with an audience reach of over 40,000 users and a CTR of 1.84%.
  • In the second flight, we surpassed the display plan by 6.16%, clicks by 8.34%, and session count by 62.71%. The total audience reach surpassed 100,000 users, achieving a 1.96% CTR.
  • In the third flight, we slightly exceeded the display plan by 0.14% and clicks by 4.51%, with an audience reach exceeding 40,000 users and a CTR of 1.88%.

Furthermore, the retargeting advertising campaign achieved remarkable results: display surpassing by 10.31%, clicks by 17.71%, sessions by 19.92%, reaching over 100,000 users. The bounce rate was notably lower at 24.68%, compared to the average mobile channel bounce rate of 40-50%.

Additionally, we exceeded the planned CTR with an achieved rate of 1.92%, showcasing the campaign's high efficiency and successful optimization, yielding better-than-expected outcomes.

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