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Publications of participants of SITF/ISSAI projects in the field of AI, carried out with support of AstanaHub

Publications are an important form of presenting new knowledge and developments to stakeholders. Selected publications often do not become available to attention due to the need for a detailed search and a large amount of current information. The members of the Sustainable Innovation and Technology Foundation and Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence projects in the field of AI, currently being implemented with partial support from AstanaHub, present below a number of their publications that may be of interest to the Kazakh AI community.

1. Ulzhan Bissarinova

Faces in Event Streams (FES): An Annotated Face Dataset for Event Cameras

2. Ulzhan Bissarinova

DL-SLICER: Deep Learning for Satellite-Based Identification of Cities with Enhanced Resemblance

3. Adal Adilbekov

Noise-Robust Multilingual Speech Recognition and the Tatar Speech Corpus

4. Batyr Arystanbekov

Image Captioning for Visually Impaired and Blind: A Recipe for Lower-Resourced Languages

5. Batyr Arystanbekov

Projection method for economic growth problems on an infinite time interval

6. Batyr Arystanbekov

Projection Method for Infinite-Horizon Economic Growth Problems

7. Zhanat Makhataeva

Augmented Reality for Cognitive Impairments

8. Zhanat Makhataeva

Augmented-Reality-Based Human Memory Enhancement Using Artificial Intelligence

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