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Development through the efforts of others

The main idea

BookSeats offers a simplified way for fans to travel to matches and concerts of their favorite teams and artists in other cities. At the moment, the services are limited to the USA and Canada, while the company is based in Canada.

Through this startup, you can plan trips to various sporting events and cultural events. The peculiarity of BookSeats is the ability to purchase a comprehensive package of services: an event ticket, an air ticket and hotel accommodation.

BookSeats claims to provide discounts when buying such packages, making their travel not only convenient, but also cost-effective. The startup receives a commission from each sale, which has been the basis of its income since its foundation in 2019.

After the pandemic, when the tourist market began to actively revive, BookSeats attracted investments in the amount of 1.4 million Canadian dollars.

Interesting observations

BookSeats resembles another startup, Fanatics, which specializes in selling sports paraphernalia. The main income of Fanatics is generated through the sale of new collections and licensing agreements with clubs. In 2023, their income reached $8 billion.

BookSeats plans to use a similar strategy based on the number of partners and the frequency of their events. The difference is that BookSeats does not spend resources on the production and delivery of goods, but focuses on partnerships with hotels, airlines and ticket services.


The main problem for startups is attracting their audience. Both Fanatics and BookSeats decided to use an existing audience created by other companies. This approach can be applied in various fields where there are large communities.

About BookSeats

  • Website:
  • Last investment round: $1.03M, 12.09.2023
  • Total investment: $1.1M, 3 rounds.

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