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Developing skills in Machine Learning and Statistics: An overview of the second module

After completing the second module, SDU IT PARK students studied Data Analytics in detail, paying attention to data cleaning, data collection, as well as the basic principles of analysis and visualization.

As part of the NLP direction, the course program covered Machine Learning topics, including various types of ML, types of supervised learning, algorithms and evaluation metrics of models.

Students who chose Data Science have mastered basic statistical concepts such as Summary Statistical, mean/median/mode/variation/covariance, standard deviation. Probability theory included Randomness, random variable and random sample, Probability distribution, Conditional probability and Bayes' theory.

The program also included Confidence intervals, where Quartile, Interquartile Range, Percentile / quantile), Significant Tests (Hypothesis Testing) were studied.

This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also develop practical skills, preparing for a career in the ever-changing world of IT and digital technologies. Our cooperation with the TechOrda program plays a key role in shaping the future technological leaders of Kazakhstan.

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