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React Print is a tool for creating PDF files using React and TypeScript

The React Print project, developed by the Onedoc team, is a UI Kit for creating PDF files using React and TypeScript technologies. This tool is designed for convenient and efficient creation of various documents such as invoices, brochures and others.

The main features of React Print:

  1. Open Source: React Print provides completely free source code that is open to changes and adaptations.
  2. Components and Templates: Onedoc developers and the community provide ready-made templates and non-standardized components ready for use in their own projects.
  3. Full control over the layout: The tool provides the ability to change all aspects of the layout, including margins, headers and footers.
  4. Dynamic Data: React Print supports the integration of dynamic data from a database or other sources, which provides flexibility in creating personalized PDF files.
  5. Installation and support: The react-print package can be installed from various managers such as npm, yarn and pnpm. Integrations with Onedoc and Prince XML platforms for HTML to PDF assembly are also provided.
  6. Integration with React and TypeScript: React Print provides the ability to create PDF documents using the familiar React syntax and TypeScript language, which provides convenience and transparency of development.
  7. Productivity: The use of React and TypeScript in combination with React Print contributes to high productivity and responsiveness when working with the creation of PDF documents.
  8. Adaptability: The UI Kit allows you to create adaptive documents, taking into account different screen sizes and resolutions.

 React Print is a tool for those who are looking for a simple and flexible solution to create PDF documents using React and TypeScript.

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