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Implementation of a mobile advertising campaign on the BYYD platform

The importance of product advertising before the New Year is undeniable, especially in the digital age, where mobile applications play a key role in consumer behavior and digital analytics. Against the background of seasonal growth in customer demand for gifts and beauty products, the Avon brand decided to attract the attention of its target audience through mobile advertising.

Geography: Kazakhstan


The developed strategy effectively used various mobile marketing tools and methods to promote the Avon brand for the new year:

  • Socio-demographic parameters: We have identified a target audience between the ages of 20 and 54, which has allowed us to more accurately target potential customers who are likely to be most interested in Avon products.
  • Target audience: We have chosen to promote brand products that may be of interest to users in the field of fashion, beauty, cosmetics, art and other related categories.
  • Rich Media Banner: The interactive banner was chosen as an advertising creative to attract the attention of users and help them navigate to the site.

Attracting the target audience in the mobile segment is important. Avon's advertising content has been successfully optimized for mobile devices, which has led to an increase in CTR and advertising effectiveness.

After the end of the campaign, the following results were achieved:

  • The number of impressions was 300,000, but 314,210 impressions were achieved during the campaign.
  • The total number of clicks was 6,584.
  • During the entire campaign, 158,352 unique users were attracted.
  • The CTR was 2.10%.

These results generally confirm the increased awareness of the Avon brand before the New Year celebration through the use of mobile applications on the BYYD platform.

The importance of media advertising for brands is undeniable. Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly popular channel of communication with the audience, and a well-planned advertising campaign can significantly affect the perception of a brand and its recognition.

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