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red_mad_robot Central Asia is separating from the red_mad_robot group of companies

Starting April 1, 2024, red_mad_robot Central Asia, a partner of a large business in the creation of digital products, is separating from the red_mad_robot group of companies and becoming an independent company in the Kazakhstan market. The further development of red_mad_robot Central Asia will continue under a new brand — tekmates.

In April 2022, the red_mad_robot group of companies, together with leading experts in digital banking in Kazakhstan, Agiis Konkabayeva and Damir Kakiev, launched a company to create breakthrough digital products in the Central Asian market. In two years, red_mad_robot Central Asia has implemented more than 7 projects for several banks in the region, including Home Credit Bank, Jusan, Davr Bank, has become the fastest growing company in Central Asia (according to the Central Asian Tech Awards 2023) and has consolidated its reputation not just as an outsourcing developer, but as a full-fledged digital partner. At the moment, the company employs more than 100 employees.

The decision to rebrand and exit the red_mad_robot group of companies is related to the decision to focus on different directions and regions. tekmates will continue to develop in the Central Asian market, as well as focus on exporting services to the Western market. The red_mad_robot Group of companies plans to develop a new business model for launching digital assets for large businesses, as well as create its products based on GenAI (generative artificial intelligence) technologies. Despite the different development vector, the companies will maintain friendly and partnership relations with each other.

Alexey Makin, founder of the red_mad_robot group of companies:

“In synergy with our partners — Damir Kakiev and Agiis Konkabayeva — we managed to form a mature digital team capable of solving the most difficult tasks of customers and further scaling the business. I am sure that they have many great victories ahead of them, both in Central Asia and far beyond its borders. If we talk about our plans, red_mad_robot will continue to develop in international markets (primarily in the MENA region). We will expand our expertise through projects in the field of generative artificial intelligence and the development of the Build-Operate-Transfer business model.” 

Agiis Konkabayeva, CEO and co—founder of red_mad_robot Central Asia (now tekmates):

"In two years, we have built a strong company and developed significant digital products that are changing the IT market in Kazakhstan and will continue to transform it further. In our projects, we have implemented a full cycle of creating digital products: from conducting market research to identify customer needs to developing, testing and scaling products to market. This integrated approach is recognized by experts as a benchmark in the creation of digital products and allows us to ensure high quality and remain leaders in the field of digital partnership. We will continue to help improve the IT competencies of the Central Asian market through our training programs, meetups and mentoring. I am sure that the company will develop more efficiently and faster, and will continue to develop and bring new breakthrough products to the market."

Damir Kakiev, co—founder of red_mad_robot Central Asia (now tekmates):

"Separating from red_mad_robot is a strategically necessary step that will allow both companies to scale in the foreign market. I know that there are many more interesting projects waiting for us all. In our work, we will continue to focus on digital business transformation. Our goal is not just to adapt to change, but to be a source of it, creating innovative products and technologies that will turn the idea of business around."

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