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Advertising in Kazakh (and not only) on Telegram

It's no secret that Telegram Ads has the opportunity to run ads in many languages of the world, but not everyone has time to figure out the new account. 

Here is a summary of Telegram Ads in other languages:

  • Advertising is paid in TON cryptocurrency
  • Channel launch is available in the cabinet, the rest of the possibilities will open later
  • There is little competition on the platform, and advertising prices are lower than usual
  • The minimum deposit from AdHand is $250

We conducted a test of advertising in other languages , spent 3TON and got the following results:

  • 0.1 CPM
  • 0.04 CPC

The advertising turned out to be really cheaper than on other sites, and brought good results. This is a chance for advertisers to test ads in Kazakh at no great cost. 

At the same time, it is not necessary to pay for Telegram Ads with cryptocurrency to launch other languages. In AdHand, you can start with the usual payment method. To do this, write to us on Telegram @adhand_app. And to get more news about Telegram Ads, subscribe to our channel @adhandapp

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