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The Republic of Kazakhstan is reaching a new level in IT development

Networks Energy LLP with the DKR Automated Control System program won the prestigious "Breakthrough of the Year in Central Asia" award at Central Asian Tech 2023, which was organized jointly with Astana Hub, Hi -Tech Park of the Kyrgyz Republic, IT Park of Uzbekistan and KSSDA. This award is awarded to companies that have had a significant impact on the technology sector of the region.

The DKR Automated Control System platform was originally built on the basis of proprietary IBM technologies and at the moment our team has implemented the transition of the DKR automated control system platform from IBM Websphere to an open source stack to open secure technologies (Open Source).

Thanks to this achievement, the Republic of Kazakhstan is proud to be among the few countries that has a unique product that allows automating railway transportation processes without being tied to licenses and solutions of technology giants IBM or SAP, which eliminates technological lag from other countries, basing its key transport platform on open source technologies, not proprietary ones.

It is a great honor for us to tell about this and to continue working towards digitalization of the railway industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the distribution of the product to the entire region of Central Asia and the 1520 gauge for the transformation of the Republic of Kazakhstan into a regional transport and digital hub.

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