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Ringostat AI is out of beta, developers give businesses 1000 minutes to test its capabilities

The Ringostat call tracking, telephony and end-to-end analytics platform has completed testing of AI embedded in a virtual PBX and has become the first telephony in Kazakhstan with artificial intelligence. Companies can try the updated product on their own projects by analyzing 100-200 conversations with customers for free.

Ringostat announced the release of artificial intelligence for calls in April 2023. According to the concept of the platform, the product should save businesses time to evaluate the work of employees. Now AI is already fully integrated into the interface — you can see data on each conversation in the reports.

Alexander Maksimenyuk, CVO and founder of Ringostat:

"The Ringostat sales department was the first to test AI capabilities. Previously, our supervisors and supervisors spent an average of half an hour analyzing a conversation that lasted 7-13 minutes. In addition to direct listening, it was necessary to give recommendations to the employee on how to improve the work. Now AI is helping us with all this."

A business usually processes at least dozens of calls a day, and it is unclear which of them require the intervention of a manager. Therefore, you have to listen to dialogues selectively, and so you can skip calls that require attention and error handling. With the help of AI, it is possible to notice exactly those calls that are worth the attention of the manager.

Since April and until now, artificial intelligence has analyzed more than 8240 calls for Ringostat alone, with a total duration of more than 510 hours. This is more than 70 working days of the manager — if we assume that at this time he would only listen to calls. If you add time for the appropriate revision, it would turn out to be more than 140 hours.  

Ringostat strives to enable Kazakhstani companies to optimize their processes and speed up work on calls. To do this, developers provide an opportunity for businesses to test AI by registering on the platform. For each company, Ringostat allocates 1000 free minutes, equivalent to 100-200 conversations, depending on their duration.

The product can be used not only for sales departments. He will provide technical support with data on how to improve the quality of service, and will allow marketing to understand how customers perceive advertising and what should be added to ads or to the site.

As announced earlier, the AI decodes dialogues into text, translates the dialogue from the language of communication into a language understandable to the user, analyzes, captures the mood of the conversation and the interlocutors and gives advice on further steps.

Ringostat is part of the Netpeak Group, a call tracking, telephony and end—to-end analytics platform. Ringostat's client portfolio includes more than 1300 companies, including Peugeot, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, OLX. 120 top digital agencies are Ringostat partners and use it daily.

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