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Ringostat has released a solution that allows customers to automatically dial up

The AI telephony, call tracking and call analytics platform Ringostat (part of the Netpeak Group of IT companies) has introduced Power Dialer, a solution for automatic dialing of phone numbers. Now outgoing line call centers can spend less time on each call by starting automatic dialing of numbers based on the database.

If you call customers "manually", it takes 5-7 seconds only to dial the number. During this time, the operator copies the number from the database, inserts it into the call program and makes a call. If the call center consists of at least 10 people who call 60 clients a day, then it will take 1 hour daily just to dial numbers. Which is more than 22 hours per month if the team works from Monday to Friday.

Thus, the business loses working time, which could be spent on calls to more customers. 

To solve this problem, the Ringostat platform has developed a Power Dialer solution that automatically dials numbers. The call center operator only needs to communicate with customers and record the outcome of the conversation. Thanks to this, he can devote more time to his direct duties, rather than mechanical manual actions.

"The development of modern technologies is moving towards maximum automation of everything possible. However, people have properties that a "machine" will still not be able to replace in the near future. But any routine must be automated. That is why we have made a tool that saves employees from manual mechanical actions. This frees up a resource for something that only a human can do. At least until technology can take over this," says Alexander Maksimenyuk, CVO and founder of Ringostat.
  1. A campaign is being created with customer phone numbers.
  2. Responsible operators are appointed.
  3. The convenient Ringostat application starts auto-dialing numbers.
  4. If the client's name is in the contact database, it will be shown during the call.
  5. When the operator hangs up, the Power Dialer pauses briefly and then dials the next customer.
  6. The solution shuts down only when it has dialed all the numbers from the campaign. But if necessary, it can be paused.
  7. Power Dialer integrates with CRM systems and can automatically call contacts from them.

As the developers plan, the solution will be useful for call center operators or sales managers - it will save them time and make them more likely to meet KPIs. For company managers, the solution ensures that no number from the database will be missed when dialing, and call statistics will be saved in reports. 

Ringostat is part of the Netpeak Group, an AI telephony, call tracking and call analytics platform. Ringostat's client portfolio includes more than 2000 companies, including Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Jooble, OLX. 200 top digital agencies are Ringostat partners and use it in their work on a daily basis.

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