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Ringostat has launched a service for customizing AI for business to control conversations with customers

The Ringostat platform (part of the Netpeak Group of IT companies) has announced the launch of a service called Ringostat AI Supervisor. It allows you to analyze 100% of customer communications using the capabilities of artificial intelligence. As part of the service, AI is trained on scripts, instructions and internal rules of a particular business. It is designed to completely replace the supervisor, significantly increasing the efficiency of sales and customer service departments.

Striving for high-quality service, the business is faced with several problems:

  • It takes many hours a day to listen to conversations and analyze communication;
  • 90% of communication is ignored — because it is impossible to listen to all conversations, and you have to choose dialogues at random;
  • expenses of more than 268,500 rubles for the salary of a supervisor or several; 
  • difficulties in controlling conversations in other languages — if the company operates in several foreign markets.

The Ringostat platform has released a service that solves the problem of complete quality control of sales, customer service teams and call centers. At the same time, artificial intelligence takes into account the characteristics of each company. The developer was the first of such platforms in Eastern Europe to release artificial intelligence that analyzes conversations. 

A distinctive feature of Ringostat AI Supervisor is its ability to deeply integrate with the processes of a particular company. Artificial intelligence is configured according to the specifics of the business, taking into account the scenarios of conversations with customers, the list of goods or services and internal communication standards.

This approach not only improves the quality of service and sales conversions, but also ensures compliance with corporate rules. Unlike humans, AI does instant analysis and evaluation of all conversations, not just selective dialogues.

"When working on Ringostat AI Supervisor, we aimed not just to automate conversation analysis, but to create something much more. To provide a deeper, personalized approach for each company. This is how a separate service appeared, which embodies the most modern AI technologies and at the same time adapts to the client as much as possible. We already have users who spend 10 times less time monitoring calls. At the same time, they analyze not 10% of dialogues, as before, but the entire communication," says Alexander Maksimenyuk, CVO and founder of Ringostat.

  1. Understands more than 50 languages, transcribes each dialogue in the language of communication or translates it into English.
  2. Evaluates all dialogues according to the company's checklist and gives an overall rating to each manager.
  3. Monitors whether employees adhere to customer conversation scenarios and whether they violate corporate principles.
  4. By the context of the conversation, he understands what product or service he is talking about. And uses evaluation criteria that are relevant for this particular case.
  5. Records what the conversation was about. For example, clarifying details, requesting an invoice, consulting, and the like. The AI also records keywords that appeared in the conversation — for example, product names. 
  6. He is able to distinguish between different stages of a conversation and records whether the manager has performed mandatory actions for each of these stages.
  7. It is also capable of analyzing video meetings with clients, audio recordings on a voice recorder, etc.

This is only part of the capabilities of artificial intelligence, because it can be configured differently to meet the needs of each business. Thanks to customization, AI provides such a level of control as a person deeply immersed in the company's processes. At the same time, it reduces salary costs by replacing the supervisor.

Ringostat is a Ukrainian AI platform for telephony, call tracking and call analytics. Ringostat's client portfolio includes more than 2000 companies, including Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Jooble, OLX. 120 top digital agencies are Ringostat partners and use it daily.

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