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Information warfare and the role of IT experts: protection from cyber threats in the military sphere.

At the moment, out of the top 10 companies by capitalization, 6 of them are corporations that develop software or are somehow connected with the IT industry. 

With the development of Web2/Web3 and social networks, the IT sphere will continue to develop. Therefore, the World Wide Web will play an increasingly important role in our lives. 

 According to analysts, as of 2023, 55 percent of the world's inhabitants use smartphones — about 4.3 billion people. (

IT corporations know a lot about us: where we live, who we work for, what we like to do, and even who we like more — cats or dogs. In addition, our bank card data is available to them if they are linked to online services, and other useful information for hackers who are constantly looking for new ways to cheat.

Hackers can be different:

Whites - they find gaps in the system and try to eliminate them.

Black - they find flaws, loopholes in the code, steal data and, most often, sell it to third parties. 

The Greys are hackers who break into information systems without the permission of the owners. Usually, gray hackers, after a successful hack, share information with organizations about the vulnerabilities found, prompting the owner's specialists to correct errors. However, such hacks are considered unethical and illegal.

Government hackers working in the civil service (KNB, CIA, FSB) in the interests of their country.

And here we turn to the main topic - state hackers, cyber threats and information warfare! In my opinion, this is a very interesting topic.

What does any country that starts a war with another state do? Right! Starts an information war.

Information warfare is the manipulation of public opinion, cyber attacks and espionage. 

Manipulation of public opinion is one of the key aspects of information warfare, which plays an important role in any modern war. The state has its own interests, and they need to be communicated to its citizens and not only. If the State does not enjoy the support of the population, the prospects for successful warfare are significantly reduced. 

  • Spreading disinformation and fake News: Propagandists can spread false news and fake videos to change public opinion about an event, an individual, or a political situation.
  • Using social media: Propagandists can spread propaganda on social media and other online platforms. They create fake accounts, organize manipulative campaigns and draw attention to certain topics and points of view.
  • Creating fake communities: Propagandists create fake groups and communities to attract support for an idea or movement, as well as to discredit opponents.

This is the whole base in the information war, it is important to convince people that the other side is to blame, and if it works, it will be additional support from people. And if you can convince people from other countries, it can have a good effect on the image of the country.

Cyber Spies or hackers: Their purpose is to obtain classified information, conduct cyber espionage, and influence other states, organizations, or individuals through cyberspace.Government hackers have high technical skills and access to significant resources. They can use various methods such as malware, phishing, DDoS attacks, as well as vulnerabilities in software and networks. Their purpose is intelligence, information gathering, communications monitoring and even destabilization of the enemy.Cybersecurity has become particularly relevant in recent years, as the number of cyber attacks on government agencies and critical infrastructure has been increasing. And attacks on the IT sector of the country can cause panic, as happened in 2019.  

..In July 2019, the Center for Analysis and Investigation of Cyber Attacks (TSARKA) He reported that the data of 11 million Kazakhstanis had been leaked to the network. (

Summing up, I want to write that it is important to improve technologies and constantly develop. I believe that there is nothing perfect in the world (except for my article, of course), hackers are not stupid people, and that only by pumping our brains, we will always be one step ahead.

Happiness to all!

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