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The role of the Monitoring Service in reducing risks: the case of the M company

The monitoring service is an important tool for reducing potential risks associated with violations by participants of the terms of business in the field of ICT. In this case, we consider the example of the company M, whose activities went beyond the priority activities, which was revealed during the planned monitoring.

M Company has registered in the Astana Hub Technopark as a digital laboratory providing services for ordering and conducting medical tests at home or in the office. This activity corresponded to point 1 of priority activities: development, implementation, maintenance, development, modification and implementation of software and software product. The company provided services for fast sampling of tests, fast delivery of results, selection of online studies and provision of medical services according to online checks.

However, during the audit of the company's activities by the Astana Hub monitoring service, it turned out that Company M went beyond the stated priority activities. In particular, the company directly provided laboratory research and transportation services. Violations were established on the basis of an analysis of accounting for administrative expenses, including a working balance sheet and account cards *7210 "Administrative expenses". 

During the period of activity, the company incurred expenses for laboratory research and organization of transportation of passengers and luggage. Medical supplies were also purchased (butterfly needles, intravenous catheters, nitrile gloves, alcohol wipes, Band-aids, semi-automatic tourniquets and others), which confirmed the provision of medical services directly. There was no information about the further sale of these materials, and the costs of their purchase were attributed to "non-deductible expenses", which indicated their use for their own needs.

The activities of the M company went beyond the List of priority activities, which was a violation of the terms of participation in the technopark. The company was engaged in non-targeted activities, while using tax preferences and other additional services from Astana Hub. According to the monitoring results, M company will be prematurely excluded from the technopark due to the inconsistency of its activities with the mission and goals of Astana Hub. Information about violations has been transferred to the authorized body for additional taxes for the entire period of the company's participation in the technopark.

The M case highlights the importance of monitoring and serves as a warning to other market participants about the need for strict compliance with established rules and conditions. The effective work of the monitoring service makes it possible to identify violations in a timely manner and take measures to maintain order and compliance of the participants' activities with the stated priority areas.

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