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📚 Project and Team Management Guide in IT

I was recently asked three questions:

1️⃣ Please tell me what to watch or read about team management when developing an IT product? I want real-world examples, not just a book on Agile.;

2️⃣ I was hired as a project manager, what should I prepare for?

3️⃣ I want to launch my business, what do I need to think about?

Based on the results of conversations and reflections, I prepared a small guide to the world of management.

Bullet points:

* Classification of managers and managers

* Project Management (project management)

* [WIP] People Management

* [WIP] Product Management

* [WIP] Trends in IT or features of working with data projects

* Recommended literature

If the material is useful - throw emoji and comments, I will add (WIP) sections of the manual. Teasers from the article in the photo.

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Отлично, в вашем руководстве вы собрали важные аспекты управления проектами и командами в сфере IT