Servercore is Making its Debut in Kazakhstan

Servercore guarantees availability and stable service operations, while also enabling clients to securely store user's personal data in compliance with Law No. 94-V dated May 21, 2013, and the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan mandate to host personal data within Kazakhstan.

Servercore clients can manage their IT infrastructure and scale their computational capabilities using a unified control panel. Moreover, the provider offers basic protection against DDoS attacks for both dedicated and cloud servers, completely free of charge. Clients can also enjoy paid services to enhance the stability and security of their services, such as load balancing and backups.

Servercore's representative office is located in Almaty, enabling prompt responses to client inquiries and the provision of solutions tailored to the needs of local companies. The provider's services are based in the Sairam data center (2a Voykova St., Almaty), which meets the Tier 3 reliability standard.

Servercore offers its services in KZT, ensuring that costs remain stable regardless of currency exchange rates, thereby enabling clients to budget effectively for IT infrastructure development.

“As per IDC data, Kazakhstan's cloud services market grew from $89.2 million in 2019 to reach $202.5 million in 2022, averaging an annual growth of 31.4%. This growth is driven by the continuous development of new technologies such as AI-based solutions, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and the expansion of e-commerce," stated Sergey Bobko, Servercore's Regional Development Manager in Kazakhstan. "According to KPMG information, approximately 30% of companies in the country are considering opting for cloud-based solutions, especially those provided by global enterprises. Cloud providers enable the immediate use of innovative solutions upon integration.

Our surveys indicate that clients especially value the ability to receive prompt technical assistance, which is not always feasible when dealing with global providers. With the establishment of Servercore's regional representative office, we can maintain 24/7 communication with clients, ensuring high service quality. This will enable companies to more effectively manage their IT infrastructure and allow us, as a provider, to better understand their needs."

The establishment of Servercore's local representative office aligns with Kazakhstan's IT infrastructure needs. The government plans to increase IT exports to $1 billion by 2026 and stimulate service providers to develop local infrastructure, as reported by business information center.

Servercore is part of Astana Hub, which brings together members of Kazakhstan's technological ecosystem. This enables the company to keep up with the market trends and tailor its product strategy to meet the business goals of its clients in the region. 


About Servercore

Servercore is an international premium infrastructure provider with a local presence. Since 2021, Servercore has been assisting businesses in delivering services to users in countries experiencing significant technological growth, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kenya.

Servercore supports businesses throughout all stages of servicing infrastructure, from IT system design and server selection to management, scaling, and reporting. All these services are accessible through a common control panel available at

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