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Comparison of acquiring in Kazakhstan

In the context of the growing demand for non-cash payments, the question of choosing a suitable payment aggregator is becoming more and more relevant. In the previous article, we already started to reveal the topic of acquiring and talked about how to choose the right one for your business. Today we will compare five popular acquiring services in our country and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing an acquiring company, it is important to take into account the company's experience in the market (preferably more than 3-4 years), customer reviews (including third-party services), as well as check the list of e-commerce companies already working with the aggregator, and the availability of the necessary licenses and documents.

  • Payment processing fee:

It can vary from 1-2% to 10-15%. It is important to compare these rates in order to avoid future losses. Also, some aggregators introduce a monthly subscription fee and a minimum payment.

  • The scope of services provided:

It is important to know what types of payments the aggregator can handle, the more options the better.

  • Functional features:

Some aggregators offer additional features, such as a mobile application, the ability to issue invoices, or support for integration with the sites themselves.

  • The speed of technical support:

It is advisable to have round-the-clock support.

  • Ease of connection:

It is important that the acquiring integration process be as simple as possible.

It is also important to pay attention to the speed of funds transfer (within one banking day) and try to update the system regularly so that it meets the new payment requirements. It is also better to choose payment services without hidden fees, which are regularly updated and offer many ways to accept funds.

Freedom Pay is a global provider of payment technologies offering a huge range of different solutions for businesses of all sizes. It provides acquiring services, mobile payments, as well as integration with POS systems.


Universal integration

Freedom Pay can be integrated with a variety of sales management systems, which makes it convenient for various types of businesses.

Transaction Security

Complies with international security standards such as PCI DSS, which ensures a high level of customer data protection.

Analytics and reporting

It offers advanced tools for analyzing and managing payments, which helps businesses make informed decisions.


Complexity of setup and maintenance

It requires certain technical knowledge to set up and maintain, which can be a problem for small and medium-sized businesses.

High cost

This acquiring has higher fees and tariffs compared to other payment services, especially for small businesses.

Epay is an acquiring service from Halyk Bank, one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan. It offers various payment solutions, including mobile and online payments and traditional acquiring.


Reliability and trust

Being a product of a large national bank, Epay enjoys trust among users.


Optimized for the Kazakh market, it is convenient for conducting transactions in the national currency.

Ease of integration

Easily integrates with on-premises systems and e-commerce platforms.


Limited international functionality

It may not be suitable for businesses focused on international markets due to the limited choice of currency options.

Insufficient functionality for large companies

It is not always suitable for large companies with high transaction volume and complex requirements.

Cloudpayments is an international payment service that supports a huge number of currencies and payment methods, including credit cards and e—wallets.


Multicurrency and international support

It allows you to accept payments in different currencies, which makes it ideal for international trade.

Innovative technologies

Uses a modern payment processing stack, including secure encryption protocols.

Flexibility and customizability

It offers a variety of plans and services adapted to different types of business.


Difficulties in integration and configuration

It may require additional effort and time to integrate with some local systems.

Relatively high commissions

Possibly higher fees compared to other providers, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Wooppay is a local acquiring service offering a variety of payment solutions, including mobile and online payments. It is focused on serving both large and small businesses.


User Interface

The simple and intuitive interface makes it easier to use for both customers and businesses.

Good local integration

It works effectively with Kazakhstani payment systems and banking structures.

A wide range of services

It offers various payment options, including mobile payments and e-wallets.


Limitations for scaling

It may not be the best choice for very large companies due to limitations in processing large volumes of transactions.

Limited technical support

There may be delays in customer service and limited support during rush hour.

Jusan Tole is an acquiring service from Jusan Bank offering convenient solutions for online payments, including mobile payments and integration with electronic wallets.


Specialization in the local market

It is especially suitable for the Kazakh market, providing effective integration with local payment systems.

Ease of use

Easy to set up and convenient for everyday use.

Mobile payment support

It is well adapted for mobile payments, which is convenient for smartphone users.


Limited functionality

It does not always offer advanced features that may be available from major international acquiring services.

Insufficient scalability

It may not be suitable for very large companies with high transaction volume and complex requirements.

Consider the above factors in order to choose the most suitable partner who will meet the specifics of your business and the requirements of your customers.

If you need to integrate acquiring into your online store, you can check out our technical support service.

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