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Startup "YurtaHome"

YurtaHome is a startup whose goal is to create a universal platform that unites sellers and buyers of furniture, interior goods and household appliances and textile accessories, in order to ensure the convenience and efficiency of the shopping process.

To give everyone the opportunity to transform their space without the need to spend on professional designers. 

The site will feature photos of interiors with marks of all products. Each product in the photo will be marked with a plus sign, where by clicking on the link you can immediately get acquainted with the product and make a purchase, which will allow the user the opportunity to embody the chosen design in their home.

We are also creating a virtual forum where users can chat, share inspiration and provide reviews of their interior solutions. Due to the fact that new houses in Kazakhstan are rented in draft form, we aim to simplify the repair process for apartment owners. By visiting our website and logging into the forum, they will be able to get detailed information about builders, building materials, discuss various design solutions with other forum participants or share their repair experience.

We want to create a visually attractive platform with exquisite interiors and change the design approach of all cafes, restaurants, apartments and houses of the same type.

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