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T-72BA tank of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan

The T72BA is a development of the T-72 family of tanks, which were developed in the USSR back in the early 1970s. The first T-72 models were released in 1973 and immediately established themselves as reliable and effective combat vehicles. Since then, the T-72 tank has undergone many upgrades, among which the most significant are the T-72B, and finally the T-72BAModernization of T-72B tanks to the T-72B level was carried out at the Uralvagonzavod enterprise in 1998-2005. Among other things, the updated tanks received a new track with a parallel rubber-metal hinge (RMSH) from the T-90 tank, which is seriously different from the previous one.Armament: the tank is equipped with a 125 mm 2A46M smoothbore cannon with automatic loading. The tank has various types of projectiles in its arsenal, such as armor-piercing, cumulative, high-explosive and guided missiles. Armor: the tank body is made of welded steel, and the turret is made of cast steel, there is also dynamic protection.The main advantages:Low silhouette.There are only 3 crew members.Anti-tank guided missiles.Both plus and minus:Automatic loader (gives a stable recharge rate and reduces the number of crew members, however, this mechanism may fail, making it difficult for the crew to manually recharge the gun).Dynamic protection (Increases the level of protection by increasing the level of armor protection from both external kinetic and cumulative effects, however, this solution entails risks for the landing party located on top of the tank through its detonation and scattering of fragments).The main disadvantages are:A very tight combat compartment.Low potential for modernization, increased armor penetration of the projectile (due to the peculiarity of the tower, or rather its tightness, which in turn does not make it possible to increase (lengthen) the breech of the gun to lengthen the projectile, increasing its mass and armor penetration).Low reverse speed (compared to the MBT(main battle tank)  the following countries: USA, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Great Britain).The vertical aiming angles are 5° / 13°.(not significant hills can make it difficult to aim at targets located below this tank)Ammunition laying (a set of devices and mechanisms on a combat vehicle designed to accommodate ammunition)- located inside the combat compartment under the turret, which in turn minimizes the chance of survival of crew members at the time of detonation of ammunition.This problem in the OBT of the USA and other countries was solved by moving ammunition into the stern of the tower with the addition of blowout panels and other fire extinguishing systems.(thus detonating the projectiles will only burn out without harming the crew members )

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