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Tech Orda 2023. Internship for Datanomix Academy graduates

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At the Datanomix Academy IT school, students completed their studies in the course “Application Development in Qlik Sense. From collecting requirements to creating dashboards” according to the state program Tech Orda. 

Tech Orda is a program to finance IT training in programming schools with the aim of training 20,000 specialists by 2025. 

After completing the Qlik course, graduates of the Datanomix Academy IT school respond to vacancies, undergo interviews, internships, get a job or start using the Qlik Sense business tool at their workplace. 

On the information channels for its graduates, the Datanomix Academy IT school publishes current vacancies in the field of data analytics and vacancies for internships in companies that use Qlik. For graduates, this is a great opportunity to be the first to learn about open vacancies, as well as to get into the database of interns in large companies in Kazakhstan and declare themselves.

For example, graduates of the academy sent feedback to companies such as e-magnum and Freedom Pay.

In the company 3 students from 2 streams were trained in the development department: Lyudmila Izotova, Dana Rakhimzhanova and Elizaveta Kosarevskaya.

Internship Supervisor Mikhail Sirik, Senior Manager Notes:

"Interns took an active part during their internship at the company. They managed to create a small working team that effectively coped with all the tasks set. I would like to note their solidarity, interest and motivation."

Our interns note:

Lyudmila Izotova, 44 years old, Pavlodar

“The online internship took place over three weeks. There were three of us in the team, we met with the internship supervisor three times, and completed three tasks.

Internship results:

1. Team work training.

2. The tasks required certain skills to work in Qlik Sense. What was in the course program was very useful in their implementation.

My impressions:

1. An interesting live, not a learning task. It is worth noting here that for me, a person far from the everyday life of an IT specialist in general and a Qlik Sense developer in particular, it was especially interesting to see the process from the inside. The presence of the company's employees at one of the daily meetings helped a lot in this.     

2. All our meetings with the internship supervisor were subject to the same rules: meeting plan, discussion of completed tasks, summing up, assignment for the next meeting.  I saw the effectiveness of this approach both on Kanban and at our meetings.

3. The goodwill of the internship supervisor and the support of all members of the development team.”

Dana Rakhimzhanova, 42 years old, Astana 

“Since I plan to develop in the field of analytics, it was interesting for me to gain practical experience within the framework of the proposed internship. Together with other participants, we were involved in the process of developing a real application for the customer. The internship was useful for understanding the work processes in this field."

ElizabethKosarevskaya, 20 years old, Pavlodar

“My goal was to gain practical experience on real projects in the field that interested me during the course itself. 

As part of the internship, we studied the current project, its subject area and analytical requirements, and got acquainted with the application itself. 

In the process, we encountered inconsistencies and duplicate data. We also carried out work on compiling descriptions for two sheets of the application. Working in a team with other girls made it possible to immerse yourself in the project more effectively.

This experience allowed us to get acquainted with the real project and better understand the processes, tasks and difficulties faced by specialists in their daily work, as well as better assess how theoretical knowledge is applied in practice.”

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