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Telegram and Kaspi: trends and concepts

In the world of high technology, every step in the development of applications is a step towards greater convenience and functionality. One of the most interesting areas is the concept of "superapplication", where a huge number of mini-applications for solving various tasks are collected under one application. And one of the most striking examples of such a concept is the Kaspi platform.

Kaspi, which in fact covers almost all spheres of life in Kazakhstan. Its concept resembles the approach of Chinese WeChat: the creation of a single space where the user can solve various tasks, from buying train or plane tickets, to selling a car or presenting documents to the police through a QR code. A similar trend in product development is noticeable in Pavel Durov's brainchild.

Starting out as a simple messenger and file sharing service, Telegram has rapidly expanded its horizons, adding elements of a social network and becoming an integral source of information for millions of users. According to data from the official Telegram website, the application has already gathered more than 700 million monthly active users and is among the TOP 10 most downloaded applications in the world. This is a huge audience base that continues to grow every year.

Recently, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced the large-scale integration of the crypto wallet directly into the Telegram interface. This step has attracted the attention of many, because cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and in demand. The main feature of this wallet is its intuitive interface, which will allow even a beginner to easily navigate the world of cryptocurrencies.

The integration of the crypto wallet into Telegram becomes another step in the development of the platform in the direction of superapplication. This confirms the creators' desire to ensure maximum convenience and functionality for users, as well as their willingness to adapt to changing market demands and trends.

At the same time, we should expect new services from Kaspi, which continues the trend towards consistent development — but what exactly? If Telegram aspires to functions uncharacteristic of the messenger, why can't Kaspi become the new de facto standard in communication among Kazakhstanis?

After integration with ad services, enabling the possibility of buying tickets — can we expect the appearance of social functions and the appearance of an integrated messenger? What do you think?

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Спасибо большое Павел! Было интересно почитать! Действительно интересно, будет ли мессенджер от Каспи? есть конечно демоверсия с переводом 100 тг. =)


Демоверсию эту пользовал наверное каждый, кого в черный список добавляли ))) За 100 тенге Каспи пробивает любые блокировки ))) Думаю, мы еще увидим криптомонету от Kaspi, это время не за горами.