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A trip to France and admission to the Master's degree at Ohio University, USA The Smavy team sends warm greetings from sunny Taraz in the south of Kazakhstan.

In January of this year, we held a reporting meeting for our most active students, awarded certificates and useful gifts. We would like to share with you the stories of our students in the Tech Horde program for 4 months of study. Lets GO 

Dmitry Viktorovich Dyakonov, 24 years old, demonstrated remarkable diligence and perseverance in his studies on the ‘React from Zero to hero’ course, despite high employment due to working at two workplaces. His ability to consistently manage time and prioritize academic responsibilities is truly commendable. It should be noted that Dmitry has become one of the most active and engaged students in our program, actively participating in discussions and showing a strong understanding of the material. In four months, he has demonstrated significant progress in our courses, especially in the development on React. Based on the current trajectory, we have no doubt that Dmitry will not only successfully complete the program, but also prove himself as an outstanding React developer, becoming a valuable specialist in the professional field very soon.

Darkhan Zhursin, 28 years old, who has proven himself to be an exceptionally fast learner and an outstanding participant in our NodeJS from Zero to Hero course. His remarkable ability to quickly perceive and apply learning material has led to significant progress in a short time. Using his previous knowledge and experience, Darkhan not only effectively mastered the training material, but also showed a high level of skill in the tasks of developing the backend in just a couple of months. We were particularly impressed by the accelerated progress and high standards he set in our programming courses. He recently enrolled at Ohio University for a Master's degree in Computer Science in the USA, and we are confident in his ability to achieve outstanding results in the states upon graduation.

Ermekova Amina, 25, demonstrated exceptional diligence and excellence in the course "Data Analysis using Python". Despite her difficult full-time occupation as a computer science teacher at school, Amina has shown remarkable dedication and motivation, constantly achieving outstanding results in the Tech Orda program. We are encouraged to see her enthusiasm for passing this knowledge on to the younger generation at the end of the course. We are happy to have people like Amina who strive for altruistic goals in teaching programming, and we are sure that she will not only be an excellent computer science teacher, but also have extensive practical knowledge to apply in projects.

Rysbek Alnur, 18 years old, is an outstanding student who stands out not only for his activity, but also for significant success in the field of mobile development on Flutter.

Alnur demonstrates outstanding abilities and commitment to improvement in his field. His outstanding talent and dedication to learning were manifested in his participation and victory at the National Championship of Professional skills for college students of WorldSkills Kazakhstan 2023, where he took first place. This is a testament to his outstanding skills and willingness to take on challenges at the highest level.

Moreover, Alnur proved himself to be a talented and motivated student, which led to his well-deserved ticket to the WorldSkills World Championship, which will be held in France. His diligence, self-discipline and commitment to improvement make him a shining example for his peers and an inspiration for all of us.

I am sure that his talent and perseverance will bring him numerous successes in his future career in mobile development. 

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