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Adara digital group LLP

Good afternoon, everyone! Our company "Adara digital group" is engaged in custom development of web solutions and mobile applications. We develop web projects of any complexity, ranging from simple websites to complex systems for automating business processes of companies.

We approach the development in a comprehensive and thorough manner. For example, when developing online stores, we do not just develop a website, but take over the entire business automation cycle:

1) Development of an online store2) Integration with 1C accounting3) Integration with CRM systems4) Implementation of CRM systems5) Staff training6) Further technical support

Our goal is that our developed projects would not just be sites for show, but help other businesses scale and increase their income.

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Добрый день! Ребят оставляйте контакты для обратной связи)


Доброго дня как с вами связаться? Меня зовут Жумабаев Мурат.


Добрый день! можете связаться по телефону 8 771 409 99 32