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INFOPRO KZ LLP is a member of the Astana Hub Technopark

The IT company of the Republic of Kazakhstan TOO "INFOPRO KZ (INFOPRO KZ)" has become an official participant of the international technopark Astana Hub.

TOO "INFOPRO KZ" provides services for complex digitalization of enterprises using modern information technologies: Big Data (working with big data), machine Learning (ML), intelligent data recognition, digital twins (Digital Twin) and others. The range of services includes the development or customization of software, the introduction of the system into the digital landscape of the customer with the training of personnel and the possibility of further technical support. The system integrator has industry expertise in the field of digitalization of energy enterprises , energy-intensive industry and utilities. The main activities of the company:

·         accounting of energy resources, automation of mutual settlements (billing);

· forecasting of electricity generation and consumption;

· Production planning and management systems (APS, MES);

· simulation modeling;

· monitoring, dispatching of equipment (MDC, MRO);

· distributed network management;

· energy management, energy efficiency;

· web, mobile development;

· automation of business processes.

Within the framework of cooperation with Astana Hub TOO, INFOPRO KZ plans to implement the project "Development of a digital energy management platform "SMARTenergy". The platform is intended for producers and consumers of electric and thermal energy, for electric and thermal networks. SMARTenergy will allow you to model and optimize the energy balance on a regional scale for electricity, heat, fuel and water, taking into account the needs and capabilities of participants in the energy system.

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поздравляю с вступлением в Технопарк Astana Hub! Ваша компания, занимающаяся комплексной цифровизацией предприятий с использованием современных технологий, явно находится в центре инновационных тенденций.


Желаем вам успеха в реализации ваших проектов и надеемся, что ваше участие в Astana Hub принесет множество плодов и новых возможностей!