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PRO Service Solution LLP is proud to announce its entry into the ranks of the Technopark!

This step represents a significant stage in the development of our company, opening up additional prospects for innovative projects and technological solutions.

Our product under the brand "AIDU" is a multifunctional service.

We provide services to our customers' Consumers, our clients and the population of Kazakhstan using our own software and qualified specialists.

Our goal is to meet the needs of Consumers, Specialists and Customers by facilitating the search and optimization of various services in the field of installation and maintenance of household appliances, construction and logistics.

Joining the Technopark gives us not only access to modern infrastructure, but also important opportunities to exchange experience with outstanding entrepreneurs and specialists in our field. We see here a unique environment that promotes the development of creative ideas and their implementation into innovative products.

During the implementation of the project, we plan to launch AIDU Logistics, Service Support, AIDU Insurance, develop and launch a School Specialists and create a single ecosystem.

Joining the Technopark community is a new stage in our development, which is a strong incentive and strong support for the implementation of ambitious projects and reaching new heights in the field of innovation.

With gratitude for the opportunities provided,

Alekpaeva Aidana, the Head

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Поздравляю с вступлением в ряды Технопарка! Это действительно важный шаг в развитии вашей компании, открывающий множество перспектив и возможностей для инновационных проектов.


Поздравляю вас с важным этапом в развитии вашей компании!