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Top 3 mistakes when creating a survey and how to avoid them

Today we will discuss three common mistakes that often occur when creating surveys, and tell you how to avoid them

1. Too many questions

  • What's going on: You want to learn as much as possible and create a questionnaire with dozens of questions.
  • How to avoid: Identify the main objectives of the survey and focus on the key questions. Remember that a short and clear survey is more likely to get a high response.

2. Incorrect wording of questions

  • What's going on: The questions are formulated in such a way that they distort the answers or mislead respondents.
  • How to avoid: Follow the principles of clarity, neutrality and conciseness in the formulation of questions. Before starting the survey, test it on a small group.

3. Lack of pre-testing

  • What's going on: The survey was launched without preliminary testing, and you don't know how it will be perceived by the target audience.
  • How to avoid: Conduct a test questionnaire on a small sample of the audience. This will help to identify non-obvious problems and shortcomings.

Creating an effective survey is a process that requires attention to detail. Mistakes can cost you not only time, but also the quality of the collected data. However, if you avoid these common mistakes, the chances of a successful survey increase significantly. Use proven constructors to create surveys and analyze data.

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