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Students of Jetisu Digital have successfully completed the mobile development course

Thanks to the support of Astana Hub, while studying under the free TechOrda program, students of the Jetisu Digital programming school successfully completed a course on mobile development in the Flutter language. During six months of intensive training, our students have mastered the basics of development and created full-fledged mobile applications. The training program included not only the acquisition of technical skills, but also the development of soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and the ability to solve complex problems.

During their training, they went through many stages: from learning the basics of programming to developing full-fledged applications and participating in competitions. This path was not easy, but thanks to the perseverance of the students and the support of mentors, they were able to achieve high results.

A special achievement was the participation and victory of our students at the hackathon in Taldykorgan, where they won 250,000 tenge. The Amal project presented at the competition was aimed at helping vulnerable segments of society, demonstrating not only technical skills, but also the social responsibility of our students. The hackathon was an excellent opportunity for students to apply their knowledge in conditions of limited time and high competition, which allowed them to develop teamwork and stress tolerance skills.

Another significant project was the distance learning service developed by our students. In the context of the development of online education, this service has become a popular tool for students and private teachers. It included opportunities to conduct online classes, manage the learning process, and interact between students and teachers.

These projects have confirmed that our students have learned how to create solutions that bring real benefits to society. Their success clearly shows that with the right motivation and support, you can achieve significant results in the IT field, regardless of the initial level of training.

In conclusion, we can say that our students have not just completed the course, but have become part of a community of developers who are ready to solve current problems and contribute to the development of technology. We are proud of our graduates and believe that there are many more great victories and achievements ahead of them.

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