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Accelerate the growth of your startup with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Modern AI tools

All startups get free access to advanced AI models using Azure, including OpenAI GPT-4, Llama 2 from Meta and others. Get up to $150,000 to an Azure account, as well as $2,500 to an OpenAI account.

Free funds in an Azure account

Up to $150,000 in an Azure account to stay on track during experimentation, development and prototyping.

Expand your network with 1:1 access to a global team of experts and mentors.

Learn from industry experts, former successful founders and venture capitalists from M12, who can provide unlimited one-on-one recommendations on topics including industry best practices, scaling your organization, market entry strategy and fundraising.

Technical advice

Get access to one-on-one technical advice with experienced engineers at any stage to get help on a wide range of topics, including exploring the latest artificial intelligence technologies, choosing the right products, optimizing infrastructure, reducing costs, improving productivity and creating roadmaps.

Free development tools and software

More than 30 additional tools, technologies and services provided for free or at a reduced cost by Microsoft and our partners, including M365, GitHub, LinkedIn and others.

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