In honor of the upcoming holiday - March 8th, we are pleased to announce the release of the TechWoman collectible badge!

Receive the collectible badge and a reward of 50 XP and 1000 SC, which you can exchange for goods and services on the Astana Hub marketplace.

The conditions for obtaining the badge are simple:

  1. Post about a woman who inspired you to enter the IT field and follow this path.
  2. To have your post counted, publish it following these steps: go to your profile, then click on "How to increase your rating," in the "Awards" list, click on the TechWoman badge.

Make sure to publish your post from March 6th to March 7th inclusive.

The Astana Hub marketplace is located on the platform (near the profile header), where goods and services are presented, which can be purchased for SC.

SC is the in-game currency for participants of the portal, and XP is experience points that you receive for various actions on the portal.

We look forward to hearing your stories and achievements! Let's celebrate the strength, talent, and inspiration of all women in IT together!