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This year, Geron IT School continued to participate in the Tech Orda educational program.

This year, Geron IT School continued to participate in the Tech Orda educational program.

According to the previous results of the conducted courses, we see what excellent opportunities this training gives to the residents of our city.

6 weeks ago, the students started their training according to an updated, specially prepared program from 0 for web developers.

The zero lesson introduced them in detail to the upcoming training plan, in which areas they will be able to work and what tools are needed for this.

Future Junior developers have already completed 6 lessons and got acquainted not only with TypeScript, but also with the NodeJS program, the Yarn package manager. With the help of these tools, we regulate the processes taking place in the project and constantly expand the functionality of our programs as we learn and study new operators and designs.

According to the results of these lessons, clear leaders in training are already visible. These people spend more time on their training than others, and also have already had experience in this or a similar field and are currently learning new features and functionality of the tools we use. In addition, they create their own projects, work according to the created technical specifications from the company. Each lesson adds one or two cards that students solve in class or at home and compare the answers, as well as other ways to implement the program that was proposed according to the terms of reference and description.

Additionally, they are sent a large number of algorithmic tasks for practice and assimilation of the knowledge they receive in the lesson. So, during off-hours, the teacher shows himself as a mentor, and also monitors the progress of students. Constant and high–quality feedback from the teacher is another guarantee of successful completion of training.

To date, students have developed the following skills:

- Creation of new projects and their connection to all necessary modules for the work of the project

- Working with NodeJS commands, using the built-in operating system commands, connecting a package manager to expand the project, got acquainted with the IDE and its functions, as well as plugins to simplify work. They are currently in the process of learning TypeScript

- Assessment of their strength in solving the problems of companies according to a given TOR and description of the program, recognition of their errors in the code and accounting for the correctness of calculations, as well as solving a large number of algorithmic problems on the topics covered

- Formation of your own set of abstracts on topics in the form of extracts of terms, methods of working with various data and types, as well as development in self-learning with the help of additional proposed tools

- Communication and formation of answers to questions on the topics covered by the temporary change of roles from students to teachers

-Writing optimized code

For additional training, Geron School provided a third-party database of HTML, CSS and JavaScript lessons.

All training takes place full-time, in small groups. Thanks to this, the teacher has the opportunity to work with each student qualitatively. Additional material, necessary video tutorials are a great addition.

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