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Everything you need to know about the learning process at Sergek Academy.

On October 11th, Sergek Academy opened its doors to the scholarship students of the Tech Orda program as part of the "System Software Design" course.

Our training is fully organized in an online format. Lecture recordings are released on the platform once a week, and practical sessions are held every Saturday, featuring active brainstorming and independent completion of practical tasks by students under the guidance of Sergek Academy mentors.

According to our students, applying the lecture material in practice is the most exciting part of the learning process.

The attendance statistics for our real-time practical sessions are over 90%. Students who are unable to attend the practicals for any reason can review the sessions in recordings and complete the homework based on them, ensuring 100% student engagement in our training at this stage.

From our side, we have decided to conduct an additional offline practical session lasting nearly 1.5 months to reinforce the learning.

In 1.5 months of training, we have completed the basics of business analysis and are now moving on to the fundamentals of system design. We plan to complete the first training module at the beginning of 2024.

In the second module, we will focus on the system design of software, which is no less exciting than conducting business analysis!

We will keep you updated with the latest news from Sergek Academy!

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