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It's very serious...Data Science: Not just a profession, but a way of life

Turlykhan Toktaganov, Data Science specialist of 7G Group, student of Expansion Hub and grant holder from Tech Orda shares his success story. In our interview, he tells how the Tech Orda course helped him master new skills, overcome difficulties and take a decisive step forward in his career.

1. Who are you, warrior?

- My name is Turlykhan Toktaganov, and I work as a Data Scientist at 7G Group.

2. Tell us how you started your career in Data Science and what inspired you to take this course?

- My interest in Data Science originated in my school years, when I was engaged in scientific projects and developed several projects in this field, including work in medicine and healthcare. One of these projects, Firenet, dedicated to the identification of fire sources using a video camera, even won prizes. This experience inspired me to link my career to Data Science.
- After school, I chose the direction of "Data Science" as a specialization and received an offer to three universities, as a result, I settled on Astana IT. During my studies, I continued to develop in this field, trying to find opportunities to apply my knowledge.  I started my professional career at Butterfly Effect (formerly Kazdream) as a DB Administrator. After working for a while, I found out that you can move to related positions in the company, and then I decided to move to the position of Data Scientist. My supervisors supported my initiative and provided a list of courses that I could take. In addition, in August 2023, I learned about the artificial intelligence training program from Expansion Hub within the framework of the Tech Orda project. I decided not to hesitate and applied for this program.
- In September, before the start of the course, I successfully passed a technical interview and joined the 7G Group team as a Data Scientist. This experience was an important step for me in my professional development. I am glad that the start of the course coincided with the beginning of my path in a new position.

3. What specific skills or knowledge have you gained through this course?

- Before the course “Artificial Intelligence” I had only basic knowledge gained from previous experience. The course from Expansion Hub within the framework of the Tech Orda project structured my knowledge, helped me understand how all the processes are set up. Since the teachers are active Data Scientists, in addition to theory, we supported our knowledge with real–life cases and practice. 
- Unlike the university, where a lot of emphasis is placed on independent learning, teachers try to explain everything thoroughly in the course, "chewing" every concept, down to the most elementary functions, variables and terms.  They take the time to explain even related topics.

4. Were there any obstacles or difficulties you encountered on your way and how did you cope with them?

- Difficulties arose with time management, as I combined work, study and writing an article. However, the teachers tried to meet us halfway, providing a more flexible schedule for work and giving us their personal time.

5. How has this course affected your career or personal development?

- This course is directly related to my activities, so the impact was directly proportional.  Sometimes I come across certain tasks at work that we go through in the course.  After listening to the lecture and completing practical tasks, I strengthened my existing knowledge and applied some techniques from lessons right at work.

6. What achievements or successes have you been able to achieve after completing the course?

- I have deepened my knowledge and now I can solve problems easier and faster .

7. What are your plans for the future related to your professional growth or development?

- I want to continue working and developing in the field of Data Science, to deepen my knowledge in practice.  I plan to take specialized courses and enroll in a master's degree.  In general, my life will be closely connected with DS. Everything is very serious...

Author: Aruzhan Kusainova

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