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We meet Nauryz: The Holiday of Spring and Renewal

Dear friends and members of the Astana Hub community!

With the approach of Nauryz, the brightest and most joyful holiday, which symbolizes the awakening of nature, the beginning of a new year and new beginnings, we want to share with you not only congratulations, but also ideas on how to make this day special for yourself and your loved ones.

Nauryz is not just the day of the vernal equinox, it is a time when each of us can feel unity with nature, immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of rebirth and renewal. This day is filled with warmth, light and joy of welcoming the new year, which brings with it hopes and dreams.

1. Time to update. Start with the traditional cleaning of the house, free up space from unnecessary things, celebrate the holiday in a renewed and fresh atmosphere. This will not only put your house in order, but also fill it with positive energy.

2. Prepare a festive treat. Nauryz kozhe is a traditional dish that symbolizes abundance and well—being. Share this delicious and heart-warming dish with your family and friends.

3. Exchange of gifts. Gifts to Nauryz are not just a sign of attention, it is a desire for goodness, health and happiness. Give your loved ones not only material things, but also the warmth of your heart.

4. Time for charity. Nauryz is also a time to share. Help those who need it, and this gesture will not go unnoticed. Your generosity will return to you a hundredfold.

5. Celebrate in nature. If the weather permits, spend time outdoors. Nauryz holiday is a great occasion for a picnic or a walk in the park with friends and family.

Nauryz reminds us of the importance of community, friendship and support. On this holiday, we become even closer to each other, share joy and warmth. Let's use this chance to strengthen ties with loved ones and others, show care and attention.

May this Nauryz bring new ideas, projects and initiatives into your life. Take this opportunity to reflect on your goals and desires, take the first step towards their realization.

Nauryz holiday is not only an opportunity to have fun, but also

and a chance to reflect on the deep values of life, such as rebirth, renewal and mutual assistance. This day reminds us that every moment of life is an opportunity to start from scratch, gain new strength and inspiration to achieve our dreams and goals.

May Nauryz fill your home with light, warmth and joy. Let this holiday be the beginning of something new and wonderful in your life. By celebrating it, we not only follow ancient traditions, but also bring a piece of spring renewal into our lives.

Celebrating Nauryz, we also pay tribute to our ancestors, honor their wisdom and traditions. This is a time when you can better understand and feel your connection with history, culture and nature.

Nauryz is a symbol of kindness, love and hope. Let's share these feelings not only with our loved ones, but also with everyone who meets on our way. A small gesture of kindness can do wonders by bringing light into someone's life.

Nauryz holiday reminds us of the eternal values that make our lives brighter and more meaningful. This is a great opportunity to share joy and warmth with others, to feel your connection with nature and culture. May this Nauryz bring a lot of positive emotions into your life, inspiration for new achievements and confidence in the future. Happy holidays to you, dear friends! May every day bring you joy, like the spring wind, which brings renewal and freshness to our lives.

I wish you and your loved ones happiness, health and well-being in the New Year.

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