Competition of Russian-language Drupal sites Russian Drupal Awards

Starting January 31, 2022, the acceptance of applications for participation in the Russian Drupal Awards Drupal sites competition begins. The organizers of the competition, ADCI Solutions, an Omsk company, invite web studios and self-employed developers who develop websites on the Drupal CMS, as well as entrepreneurs whose business is supported by a Drupal site in Russian, to participate.

The competition was first held in 2021. It drew the attention of 37 web studios and single developers from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, who sent a total of 75 sites of various types for the jury to evaluate: from corporate sites to online stores and sites for working with big data. The result of the competition was the award of three prizes to participants who scored the highest total score for the visual attractiveness of the site, user-friendliness of the interface, speed and solution of business problems.

In the new year, the organizers made several innovations. Among them is a list of nominations: the jury will determine the best promo site, online store, online service, media site or blog and corporate site. Also, the organizers will be more strict in selecting submitted works for submission to the jury, and the assessment of how well the site copes with the task assigned to it will be influenced by a document with an analysis of the submitted work, compiled on the basis of the participants' answers to the questions of the organizers.

The Russian Drupal Awards competition aims to develop the domestic Drupal market, support web studios and make this CMS more attractive in the eyes of entrepreneurs who need a website. Participation is free.

Mikhail Golovkin, founder of the web-studio WEBSHOP (1st place in the Russian Drupal Awards 2021):

“This competition is very important for the Russian IT market, because reveals objective data on the quality of work of creative IT companies and allows business owners and responsible persons to choose the right web studio and reduce the risk of financial losses.”

Maria Deltsova, Marketing Specialist at Evrone (3rd place in the Russian Drupal Awards 2021):

“The choice of CMS Drupal was the right one, and with our victory we want to demonstrate to other companies that it is not always necessary to chase top technologies where everything can be done simply. Sometimes you need to choose the most optimal and effective solution.”

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Sponsor: Initlab company. 

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