Acceleration program
for entrepreneurs and engineers


AI'preneurs is a new format acceleration program that brings together talent to build new AI startups.
We are accepting application from prospecting applicants in following roles :


Product, project
or sales manager

Data Analyst

IT specialist


AI'preneurs at the center of the startup ecosystem



Participants will be provided dedicated work places for a comfortable collaboration with teammates


Participants will be provided with housing for the entire duration of the Program


Teambuilding and other similar events will be organized to strengthen networking among the participants



  • 01


     To expedite the development of startups in the early stages, Seed Money funding will be provided to participants during the program.

  • 02


    Technical equipment will be provided to the participants by Astana Hub, including more than 90 necessary datasets, as well as cloud storage.

  • 03


    Participants will be given the opportunity to get support and individual consultations from leading industry experts

  • 04


    Workshops by leading speakers on the most relevant topics are available to participants at all stages of the Program

  • 05


    Each team is assigned a Tracker who works closely with the team on their successful development and internal processes.



Build your professinal dream team

The first task of the participants entering AI'preneurs is to like-minded people and form a team. Various workshops on team building, startup building and other activities will be organized for the participants, which will provide each participant with an opportunity to demonstrate their strong and competitive qualities.


Confirm your idea and get investment

On the second stage of AI'preneurs the newly formed teams work on the concept for their projects and start building the prototype of the product to present it to the investment committee. The investment committee make a decision whether the team should proceeds to the next stage and gets the Pre-Seed investments for further product development or not.


Develop a successful AI product


In the third stage of AI'preneurs, participating startups concentrate on developping their products. Startups are provided with constant access to consultations for expert advice, tracking and guest lectures on the ongoing base to further expedite the progress. At the end of the program, teams will present their products at Demo Day to attract investments and partners.


Technical tasks from AI'preneurs partners for participants are published here. Teams will be given the choice: to work on their own projects, or to develop solutions for companies that are ready for pilot projects.

Познакомьтесь подробнее с нами


A tool for identifying contradictions in draft regulations and checking their compliance with international norms.


Predictive analysis of incidents in the telecommunications network aimed at predicting future downtime

Freedom Telecom

AI solutions for optimizing business processes in telecommunications

Aitas Holding

An AI assistant that analyzes production process events and helps manage deviations.


  • April 26

    Accepting applications

  • May 26

    Finish accepting applications

  • May 27

    Screening and Diagnostics session

  • June 07

    Annoucing the participants

  • June 24

    Start of the Program

Realize your ideas into innovative products with AI'preneurs



  • What is the format of the AI'preneurs program?

    The program will be held in an offline format in Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • What is the duration of the program?

    The duration of the program is 4 months.

  • Can I participate in the program if I am not from Astana?

    Yes, you can. The Astana Hub will provide housing for non-resident participants for the entire period of the program.

  • How many stages does the Program consist of?

    The program consists of three stages:

    1) Team formation (3 weeks) - Participants get to know each other and form teams.

    2) Investment Committee (6 weeks) - The newly formed teams develop an idea for an AI-based startup and validate it in the market. At the end of this stage,  Investment Committee will be held where teams will make a presentation of their work and the committee will decide on the team's passage to the next stage.

    3) Product Development (8 weeks) - At this stage, teams are actively working on product development. 

    At the end of the program a Demo Day will be organized for the graduates.

  • Can I participate in the program if I don't have a team?

    Individuals are accepted into the AI'preneurs program. Having of a team is not a prerequisite to enter the program.

  • Can I participate in the program if I already have a team?

    You can apply with information about your team members. But keep in mind that the selection process gives priority to individuals who do not have a ready-made team and are open to creating new teams within the Program.

  • What is the cost of participation?

    Participation in the program is free of charge.

  • How do I qualify for the program?

    To qualify for the selection process, you must:

    1) complete the application form

    2) successfully pass the screening process

    3) successfully pass the diagnostics session, which will take place in the format of an interview.

  • Can I apply if I don't have an idea for a startup project yet?

    Yes, you can. To pass the selection process, an important criterion is the participant's expertise and active involvement in the Program.

  • Will the teams receive any funding during the program?

    The teams that passed the Investment Committee stage will be funded under the Astana Hub Seed Money program in the amount of 10 million tenge.

  • In what direction can the product be developed?

    The program is aimed at creating AI-based startup projects. Accordingly, teams can only develop products using AI technologies.

  • AI-based startups need datasets to build AI startups. Will teams be given datasets for product development?

    Program participants will be provided with the necessary datasets, if available.