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Why Beta Career?



Beta Career opens new opportunities for those who want to work in IT. We will help you to find the best internships and vacancies. You will be able to increase your value in the labor market and get the desired position.



We create conditions for entering the IT ecosystem: webinars, job fairs, meetups and more provided by Astana Hub.



During the course you will find like-minded people, meet IT recruiters from top companies, and career experts. Beta Career is about new knowledge, in-demand skills and useful acquaintances.

What will you get from the course?



    You will find out which professions in IT are at the peak of demand and what to focus on today

  • Learn to take a strategic approach to career planning

  • Consider the features of compiling a competent resume for employment in an IT company

  • You will understand what he is, the right job search in the market

  • We will teach you how to write cover and motivational letters creatively

  • Get insights about the candidate assessment procedure

  • Learn the secrets and principles of getting hired at FAANG

  • Upgrade your Soft skills for a successful career in IT

As well as bonus materials from our speakers

  • English for Career

  • Intern's starter pack

  • What is burnout at work and how to avoid it?

  • Personal Job Search tips from Senior Software Engineer on LinkedIn Maksat Kadyrov


 Training is held on an online educational platform of Astana Hub

Video tutorials and materials are available in Kazakh  and Russian

15 video lectures from experts in the field of career promotion

Practical webinars in online format

Final testing to consolidate the knowledge gained

Additional materials for each lesson in the form of checklists, tips, instructions and cheat sheets for further use in the work

Workshops with invited experts

Online Job Fair

How to apply?

  • 01

    Register on the Astana Hub website

  • 02

    Leave a request for participation here by filling out the application form

  • 03

    After moderation of the application, a confirmation of access to the course will be sent to email

  • 04

    Follow the link in the invitation to  get  access to the educational platform

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