Guideliness for startups planning to enter the U.S. market


The process of registering a company in the U.S.


Employer Identification Number

Those who have a Social Security Number can easily obtain an EIN, otherwise a tax number must be obtained by fax, mail, or telephone. The process is described in detail on the IRS website. The best way is by fax. The EIN number is very important. Without it, you will not be able to open a bank account or conduct financial business.


Form of Organization

Choose the legal form of LLC or C-Corporation.

If you plan to attract investment, you need a company in Delaware, the C-Corp form of organization. This is the standard and most common form of organization, in which the company is treated by law as a separate legal entity, apart from and separate from the owners. It is the most understandable jurisdiction for investors.


Bank Account

Once you have obtained a tax number, you can open an account with a U.S. bank. To do this, you will need to gather documents about the company and all the key shareholders. Most banks require you to be present in person, but there are some where you can open an account remotely. Another option is to appoint a friend of yours in the U.S. as the company secretary, so that he, already in the status of an employee of the company, will represent your startup at the bank. If you need a company address, you can open a virtual mailbox. Letters would be sent to it, and scans of the letters would be sent to you.



To reduce risks, founders should consider General Commercial Liability Insurance (GCLI). Such a policy can protect against accidents, lawsuits, and many other unpleasantness.


Choosing a state

Determine which state and city you will do business in. Register your company in that state. Each has its own rules, but you should look for Foreign company registration. Foreign in this case means another state, not another country.

(States with low taxation for startups are Wyoming, Delaware, Nevada, Florida)



  • Find a list of required business documents on government websites. For example, for New York City, there is an interactive questionnaire where you answer the questions and get a list of everything that is required, with transcripts.
  • Once you hire a staff, you will need to a salary, a payroll project. And also provide Workers Compensation insurance.


Find a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) - an accountant with advanced credentials and certification. He or she will advise you on everything and help you submit your reports on time. A CPA must specialize in the state in which you do business.


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Useful links to articles and websites of U.S. government agencies

  • IRS website

  • An article on how to start a startup in the U.S.

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    There are many turnkey company registration services in the U.S.

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