The requests from the Media

The speakers, comments and newsbreaks from Astana Hub for Media Coverage. 


Astana Hub has the competence to give the comments in the media in the next areas

The people with competitive idea

In the startup industry, we call this "MCI" - the most competitive idea, the target customers already felt the need. The idea must be feasible and have the potential for development.

At least 2 key members of the team

It means you have a well-formed core team

The people with IT-solution

Internet of things, e-Commerce, educational technologies, informational security, Big Data and machine learning, данные и машинное обучение, advertisment and marketing technologies и маркетинговые технологии, platoform and corporate software, financial technologies, online and mobile-games, artificial intellegence, alternate and virtual reality. 

Founders with full involvement

At first, it is very important that the founder is fully involved in the project. In case if he or she is side hustling it affects the speed and quality of the startup's development.