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 Education program:
> game development;
> game art;
> game design.

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Supporting projects:
> Q&A sessions with representatives of large companies
> consultations from technical experts (Unity, Unreal, 3D and VR Development)

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> Research of new technologies
> Virtual content production
> Development of educational programs
> Become a lab intern

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Community development and support:
> holding thematic meetups
> creating a database of projects
> networking

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Center for Interactive Technologies and Educational Programs, focused on creating an educational metaverse. The company is engaged in research activities in the field of CG/GameDev/VR/AR.

Zeba Academy

An international IT school specializing in key technologies and advanced educational content. Collaborates with well-known universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has experience working with international publishing houses.


One of the world's largest international mobile game developers. Creator of Gardenscapes, Fishdom, Manor Matters, Homescapes and Township hits, has over 100 million users worldwide.

Big Way Games

Mytona is a global group of companies specialising in video game development and publishing. Mytona is an international team headquartered in New Zealand uniting industry professionals from all over the world since 2012.

Vardix Group

The VARDIX group of companies is engaged in the development of interactive 3D applications, training systems, and projects in the field of entertainment, engineering, and the medical industry.

Cheely Apps

World-class mobile game developer. Currently developing a new project that will be released in 2023. World of Artillery: Cannons is a first-person mobile game set in World War II.

Astana Game Dev Hub

The main profile is the development and porting of video games (both own and custom), B2B solutions for game developers (for example, B.ENDER - own backend solution for multiplayer online games), R&D.

Big Way Games

The company was founded in 2014 and specializes in Unity and console porting. Namely, solving problems related to the Unity engine and publishing games on PC and consoles.


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What's up with games in Kazakhstan?

We did a tiny non-official research at Astana Hub GameDev Center on gaming projects we have in Kazakhstan. Read more...

Opening of the Center

The GameDev Center, created in the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT startups, will promote the development of the mobile and computer games industry in Kazakhstan. More....

 Game Jam at Satbayev University!

📌SU Game Jam is an exciting, 4-day team competition with the goal of developing innovative, promising and interesting video games that develop the country's digital market. Read more...

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